Evolution Vs. Creation

While it is not a Bible Story, it seems to fit in right here.


The battle between those that subscribe to the theory of evolution and those that believe in the literal holy biblical account of the creation in its logic and wisdom has been a heated one at best.  It is sad to see this battle waging in schools, courts, churches, libraries, and virtually every hall of semi-intelligent occupancy.  People so afraid that they might be wrong are willing to fight with people that otherwise would be friends over something so stupid, unfounded and non-provable as either side of this ludicrous argument is.  Here we are touting love thy brother but if he does not believe what you do, kill his heretic ass or ridicule his Byzantine faith and fuck you – no fuck you. Come on now, in the words of a briefly famous citizen: – “can’t we all just get along?”


Well this ongoing battle is not without its humor, and I have watched the trunks of cars and rear hatches of countless mini vans where this battle is silently waging with - oddly enough – pagan symbols.




Jesus Eats Darwin

Darwin Gets Even

Truth Eats Darwin

Which is the TRUE god?

But The REAL Question is...
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