A Book by David R. Moreno

Righteous Indignation Who Wrote These Bible Stories?


A book by David R. Moreno, President of Barbequia Enterprises, LLC and Regional Ambassador of The Independent Nation of Barbequia.


Righteous Indignation is a compilation of Bible stories of the Old Testament told by the author with key verses cited verbatim from the King James Version of the Bible.        


The author’s intent is to illustrate in a humorous albeit irreverent way, the ludicrous nature of the notion that these stories can or should be taken literally.  Incredibly, 30% of the U.S. population still clings to the Byzantine and very illogical theory that the Bible is literal in nature verses symbolic.  The stories also highlight the dicotomy of the attributes of God as portrayed in the Bible, in particular the Old Testament.  


While it is definitely not for everyone, the book has had very positive pre-editorial reviews.  If you have strong feelings about the literal nature of the Bible, then lets agree to disagree and you probably don't want to read it.  My intent is not to offend, but to get people to think in a fun and yes somewhat irreverent way.


PARENTS - The subject matter is controversial and some of the language is strong or strongly insinuated so it is NOT a book for children.


If you dont read any other chapters, I urge you to read the Introduction and Conclusion to better understand the true motivation behind this endeavor. 


The stories are available for reading online and the manuscript will be temporarily available for download in PDF format.


I welcome any comments or suggestions. However, if you just feel the uncontrollable and Bible God-like need to tell me that I am going to rot in hell, I would respectfully ask that you not poison yourself nor waste your time or energy.  Loosen up, have fun and enjoy the moment while you are here.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!


Love & Peace


Dave                                                              Click here to go to the Preface - The Power of Fear




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Power of Fear
Abraham & Isaac
The Creation
Adam & Eve
Evolution vs. Creation
Cain & Abel
Noah's Ark
The Tower of Babel
The Story of Moses
Moses Parts The Red Sea
Sodom & Gomorra
Jonah and The Whale
Samson & Delilah
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